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How To Use A Glass Dab Rig: A Guide For Beginners

Dabbing is a type of cannabis ingestion that has risen in recognition during the last several years. It’s an incredible method to get THC and CBD without having to light up something. Nevertheless, if you’re unfamiliar with dabbing, finding out how to utilize a dab rig might be demanding. This article will direct you through the fundamentals of employing a window dab rigs!

What Exactly A Dab Rig Is

It is a water pipe committed to marijuana concentrates. Concentrates are significantly more effective than usual marijuana buds, so a little goes a considerable ways. A dab rig generally includes a small chamber and a quartz, ceramic, or window nail (or banger). You apply heat towards the nail with a torch just before centering on the recent surface area. The concentrate vaporizes, and also you inhale and exhale it through the mouthpiece while using the it an inhaler.

Utilizing A Dab Rig

The initial thing you require is a few cannabis completely focus. You will discover this at your local dispensary. Once you have concentrated, it’s time to warm the nail. The best way to do that is to use a butane torch. Support the torch flames on the nail for a couple of secs until it transforms red-colored warm. Then, use a dabber tool to place your attention to the nail. Inhale slowly and deeply from the mouthpiece. You should begin to experience the outcomes of the concentration within minutes!

How You Can Thoroughly clean Your Dab Rig

The first task is always to get rid of any leftover focus from your nail having a dabber instrument. Then, load your sink with hot water and then add soap. Waggle the liquid about, and let your dab rig relax for a few minutes. After it offers drenched, rinse off it off with clean water and allow it to oxygen dry.


Basically that employing a dab rig is a great way to get pleasure from cannabis concentrates. With this information, you need to have no issue how to get started! Thanks for looking at!